Small Modern Shed

In the inner city of Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, North York and Scarborough, we often have requests for small sheds that look great and compliment a small property.

Last week we finished a great shed.  It was only 4 feet by 8 feet and has two purposes: in the summer it is for storage of gardening supplies — in the winter it will store bicycles and patio furniture.

We also did the landscaping, refurbished the deck, and built some deck furniture.

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Corner/5 Sided Sheds

Once again we are busy installing new sheds.  The corner shed is a common shed that fits well into many small yards in the GTA. 

This 8×8 shed has two doors which may seem like overkill but it works great when you have a small space.  Two small doors takes up less walking room than one large door. 

This shed is almost done.  All we need to do is stain the shutters and window boxes and add batten to the doors!

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Hot! Hot! Hot! – Sit under a Porch on a Shed

This summer is looking like it is going to be one of the hotest and driest on record.   After the wet spring this is welcome!

A solution to deal with the heat is to get under cover.  A covered shed such as the one below is the answer.  You get storage and sun protection!

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Windy, Rains Coming and Snow?

Toronto weather never stops astonishing me.  Did I hear correctly?  Snow on Sunday?  Is this Toronto or …… Edmonton?

Today, we were attaching a roof to a very large modern shed we were building.  We always pre-assemble our roofs before delivery.  The winds were so strong today we almost lost our roof!  The wind started to lift it as we were raising it and we had to think fast to bring it down cleanly.  Fortunately, we did and it looked great!

Tomorrow looks like rain so two more sheds are delayed in delivery.  Sunday snow?  I assume it will just be a dusting.  I hope so as we have a tree house (really a shed on stilts) and one other shed to deliver and install on Monday.  It looks like we will have 4 sheds to install in a day.

The guys will be busy………

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Garden Sheds can be studios!

Over the last few days we have received several inquiries about the possible uses of garden sheds.  One of the most most popular requests has been building a garden shed to be a studio or outdoor office.

In many areas of Toronto, especially “old Toronto” including the Beaches, High Park, Leslieville, and the Danforth, homes are relatively small and interior spaces are tight.  So why not create an outdoor room!

Electricity can be added.  Even heat, insulation, drywall and flooring.  If french doors or sliding doors are added, the space can be really great as you will feel like you are living in your garden.  As sanctuary away from the spouse, kids and pets.

The space can also be a work out room or a yoga studio.

The outdoor room still needs to comply with all bylaws and Ontario Building Codes.

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Sheds that are popular these days — Modern Sheds

The modern sheds are being selected almost fifty percent of the time.  Compared to our Classic Garden Sheds these sheds are only about 15% more.  They make backyards look current and contemporary.  See our website for more examples and email us for free quotations!

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Wow, it is still chilly!

I thought spring was here a few days ago and I could get serious about installing garden sheds and yard clean up – but no!

The wind today made things cool.  And I also noticed that there is still snow at many job sites.  In one of our customer’s yard most of the outdoor skating rink is still intact.

The ground is slowly thawing but the heavy clay is still rock solid.  Had to do give up on one of our job sites as the ground was too solid to excavate.

I guess patience is a virtue.


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