Stains and Garden Shed Finishing and Maintenance

Cedar Sheds – Finishing and Maintenance
As most shed owners know, all  Western Red Cedar products should be protected from the weather — especially in Southern Ontario — as soon as delivery occurs! If cedar cracks (which it will), water gets into the cracks and then  the cedar freezes, your shed or any cedar product will start to fail/weaken.

We find weathered penetrating stains and protective finishes by Cabot  (we have no affiliation with them — just great experiences) can be applied so your Cedar Shed gets off to a great start.   Having the stain applied before it is installed/assembled will help to minimize mildew issues and discoloration as the stain can be applied to all sides of the cedar products.  This will also allow your new Cedar Shed to last for many years! provides additional information on keeping your Cedar Shed looking good.  It was rated #1 by Consumers Reports as well.

Staining, Preserving and Maintenance of Pressure Treated Wood
Although Pressure Treated Wood will not rapidly develop rot, any wood left totally unprotected outdoors will grey with sunlight and develop cracks, called “checking” from wet/dry cycles.

In cold climates, once the checks have developed, water in the cracks will accentuate the problem with freeze/thaw cycles. So even Pressure Treated Wood should be protected, not from rot, but from fading and checking.

Water repellents are great for moisture-protecting Pressure Treated Wood. To colour your Wood, a stain/water repellent combined product works best, allowing both products will go into the wood at the same time.

If you have frequent traffic, water repellent needs to be refreshed fairly often.

Oil-based products work well for your Pressure Treated Garden Shed. Transparent or semi-transparent products work best. Solid products just lie on the wood and cannot move with it, resulting in peeling.

Once again, we prefer Cabot for pressure treated garden sheds.  We have used Sikkens as well and have had good results.  We find some of the Sikken’s colours to be quite attractive.

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