Windy, Rains Coming and Snow?

Toronto weather never stops astonishing me.  Did I hear correctly?  Snow on Sunday?  Is this Toronto or …… Edmonton?

Today, we were attaching a roof to a very large modern shed we were building.  We always pre-assemble our roofs before delivery.  The winds were so strong today we almost lost our roof!  The wind started to lift it as we were raising it and we had to think fast to bring it down cleanly.  Fortunately, we did and it looked great!

Tomorrow looks like rain so two more sheds are delayed in delivery.  Sunday snow?  I assume it will just be a dusting.  I hope so as we have a tree house (really a shed on stilts) and one other shed to deliver and install on Monday.  It looks like we will have 4 sheds to install in a day.

The guys will be busy………

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